Naväge Eucalyptus SaltPod 30-Pack

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You'll love that clean-nose feeling!

  • Eucalyptus SaltPod 30-Packs are $13.95 each.
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  • Scientifically formulated saline concentrate contains pharmaceutical-grade sea salt, organic eucalyptus oil, and purified water for the perfect nasal rinse.
  • Eucalyptus cools and energizes, adding a refreshing aromatic sensation to the Naväge experience!
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  • Eucalyptus SaltPods have a laboratory validated shelf life of 3+ years.
  • Yields 8 oz of isotonic saline when mixed with 7.75 oz of water.
  • Eliminates measuring and mess.
  • FSA-HSA Eligible.
  • Made in USA.
  • Also available in Original Sea Salt.  


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Naväge Eucalyptus SaltPod capsules are designed for purity, safety, and convenience!

Naväge SaltPods provide just the right amount of pure saline concentrate to create perfectly balanced isotonic saline in the same salt-to-water ratio that naturally occurs in your body. Doctors agree that isotonic saline is the basic building block for nasal irrigation.


Eliminates measuring and mess!

Naväge Eucalyptus SaltPods make cleaning your nose as easy as brushing your teeth. Our patented system eliminates measuring and mess, and the uncertainty that goes with it. Fill the Naväge Nose Cleaner with water, insert a SaltPod, close the lid, and in moments you have a perfectly balanced nasal rinse – every single time.


Made in the USA

Naväge Eucalyptus SaltPods are manufactured in our Brooklyn, Ohio facility that is certified to comply with ISO 13485:2016, the internationally recognized quality standard for excellence in medical device manufacturing.

Important informtion about menthol

The Eucalyptus SaltPod contains menthol which can cause a sensation that most people experience as “cooling” or "tingling" and find to be refreshing and enjoyable. Some people describe a "stinging" or "burning" sensation they find unpleasant. This is usually mild and goes away shortly after use.


Click here for important information about water.


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• Use only as directed.
• Do not use if you are allergic to any ingredient.
• Eucalyptus SaltPods contain menthol. Do not use if you are allergic to menthol.
• If you experience pain during use, stop immediately. If the pain continues, consult a health care professional. If you experience swelling or blistering, stop use and get medical help right away.
• Only for use when mixed with 7.75 oz (230 ml) of water.
• Complete operating instructions and cautions are contained in the Owner’s Manual that is included with the device, and available to download here.


13 Reviews

  • 5
    My Husband cannot live without them

    Posted by Tresa B on Jun 28th 2021

    My husband cannot live without them

  • 5

    Posted by Kim Myers on May 1st 2021

    Best stuff I've ever used recommend to anyone

  • 5
    Extremely Soothing

    Posted by HaroldTrish on Feb 18th 2021

    These are exactly as I expected. They make my nasal passage ways feel soothed and comforted. Love them!

  • 5
    Best gift ?? i received

    Posted by Menmire on Feb 15th 2021

    Love ?? it

  • 5

    Posted by Russell V on Feb 15th 2021

    Love the fragrance

  • 4

    Posted by Amazon Customer on Jan 23rd 2021

    A bit intense; but Im certain once I get used to it, I will love & appreciate it! Perhaps warm water will help me become accustomed to it.

  • 5
    The best product

    Posted by Gary Carter on Jan 18th 2021

    Absolutely amazing.

  • 4
    I like new taste

    Posted by Romv on Jan 18th 2021

    I like mint flavor ,its fresh and new,I like it.

  • 5
    Naväge system is excellent

    Posted by Lindsey on Jan 13th 2021

    Excellent menthol!

  • SaltPods have a laboratory validated shelf life of 4+ years
  • Save 10% on repeat deliveries
  • Complete flexibility. Change, skip, or cancel anytime
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