Naväge Deluxe Bundle: Nose Cleaner, 50 SaltPods, Countertop Caddy, and Travel Case

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  • Your nose is the body's air filter. Now you can clean it daily with easy-to-use Naväge!
  • Naväge uses powered suction to flush out dangerous germs, allergens, and mucus. You'll love that clean-nose feeling!
  • For fast, all-natural relief from allergies and sinus congestion - without drugs!
  • Bundle includes the Naväge Nose Cleaner and 50 SaltPod Capsules; Naväge Countertop Caddy; and Naväge Travel Case.
  • Clean nose, healthy life! Make good nasal hygiene your new normal.
  • Saline nasal irrigation is clinically proven to relieve sinus congestion caused by allergies, hay fever, sinusitis, the common cold, dry air, dust, and pollution.
  • Naväge operates only with genuine Naväge SaltPod capsules.
  • The Naväge Countertop Caddy is the perfect solution for organizing your Naväge Nose Cleaner and SaltPod capsules.
  • The Naväge Travel Case is custom-designed to keep your Nose Cleaner and SaltPod capsules safe and snug when you travel, and it looks great too. Choose between Black and Teal Travel Cases.
  • The Naväge System is cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and by Health Canada for use by children ages 12 and older.
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1 Review

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    Everything You Need

    Posted by Rob Masek on Aug 24th 2020

    Can't say enough good things about the Deluxe bundle. The nose cleaner itself is great, but having the Countertop Caddy to allow the nose cleaner to dry and to hold the SaltPods is really, really convenient. The Travel Case is great for vacation (or for storing extra SaltPods). 5 stars!