Naväge Premier Bundle: Nose Cleaner, 20 SaltPods, Countertop Caddy, Travel Case

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  • The Premier Bundle Naväge includes the Nose Cleaner, 20 SaltPod Capsules, Naväge Countertop Caddy, Naväge Travel Case, and two preinstalled AA batteries.
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  • Your nose is the body's air filter, the first line of defense against dangerous airborne germs. Clean it daily with easy-to-use Naväge!
  • Naväge uses powered suction to flush out allergens, mucus, and germs, including infectious viruses and bacteria.
  • For fast, all-natural sinus relief - without drugs!
  • The Countertop Caddy allows the device to air dry between uses and keeps your Nose Cleaner close at hand.
  • Travel Case has a durable exterior that provides protection while traveling and a soft interior prevents your Nose Cleaner from being scratched.
  • Clean nose, healthy life! Make good nasal hygiene your new normal.
  • Naväge relieves congestion so you can breathe better, sleep deeper, snore less, and stay healthier without drugs.
  • Naväge operates only with genuine Naväge SaltPod capsules to create a perfectly-balanced nasal rinse.
  • Naväge Nasal Care is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) and Health Canada for use by children 12 and older.
  • You'll love that clean-nose feeling!®

21 Reviews

  • 5
    Love this

    Posted by teresa on Oct 21st 2022

    I got it for me and the stand and case went to a friend she didnt have one and she lovesÊ

  • 5
    What a relief

    Posted by John Nelson on Oct 15th 2022

    Doing a project remodeling my kitchen and during the demo faze there is a LOT of dust. Wearing a mask still lets dust through so by the end of the day my sinuses are very uncomfortable... Got this to try. The price for the product was less than retail for the basic system but this is the Deluxe package. Very happy about that. First time use was a bit awkward but you pick it up quickly. I seem to have a problem with the shape of my nostrils and sealing the nose pillows against the inside so I have to adjust. May need to try the smaller pillows and see. The bottom line is that it's a great deal and it works well for cleaning out the mess. Will be interested in seeing how well it works during allergy season. I think it's going to me a life changer.

  • 5
    saline pod

    Posted by john I. Brown on Oct 9th 2022

    love the ease of operating . just remember to place the saline pods in the correct way

  • 5
    to work as advertised

    Posted by MLB on Oct 7th 2022

    Just purchased this Navage a few days ago and it's so much better than any I have owned. The premixed salt pods are so convenient to use. I also like the fact it takes less than a minute to clean your passageways, my others took several minutes and could only do one side at a time, and you had to tilt your head. I highly recommend this to all who has sinusitis.

  • 5
    Now I can breath

    Posted by Aztimer2 on Oct 7th 2022

    The first couple times is a little complicated. Working the machine, holding it just right. ItÕs kinda of a slow start till all the bad swishes out into the machine. When all done it was nice to be able to breath.

  • 5

    Posted by Juan Bustamante on Sep 29th 2022

    It's a little bulky but easier than a neti pot.

  • 5
    Works great

    Posted by Navage Customer on Sep 27th 2022

    It works great make sure to use warm to hot water other wise it does not work properly.

  • 5
    Great solution to my nasal allergies

    Posted by ff5605 on Sep 21st 2022

    I have been suffering with nasal allergies for the past year. After trying just a saline rinse, I decided to try the Navage. It took a few tries to get the proper positioning, but now my allergy symptoms are greatly reduced. A Navage treatment can be accomplished in less than a minute.

  • 5
    Great for my allergies

    Posted by Shan on Sep 18th 2022

    This is great to get all the pollen out of your nasal cavity.