Frequently Asked Questions

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Pro Tip: It's important to clean your Naväge Nose Cleaner after each use. When you rinse it, separate the parts (upper tank, mechanical module and lower tank), and use the Countertop Caddy to allow it to dry. This makes it very easy to keep your Naväge Nose Cleaner clean and fresh.

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Upper and Lower Tanks: Detach and hand-wash after use with liquid soap.

Mechanical Module: Wipe the underside of the white Mechanical Module with a cloth dampened with liquid soap. The Mechanical Module is not waterproof. Do not immerse or rinse the underside with running water, as this can force water into the battery compartment and cause corrosion.

Drain Pipes, Nose Pillows, and Nasal Dock: Use the included Scrubber to thoroughly clean the inside surfaces of these parts. To clean the Drain Pipes, put a drop of liquid soap on the Scrubber and insert it as shown in Figures 10 and 11. To rinse, lift the Drain Pull (C in Fig. 9 above) and run hot water through the opening. To clean the Nose Pillows and Nasal Docks, detach them and follow the same cleaning steps.

Crushing Chamber Lid: See Fig. 9 and rinse areas A and B with hot water for 30 seconds to melt any salt crystals.

Let your Nose Cleaner dry completely between uses: Separate the Tanks, Nasal Dock, and Nose Pillows from the Mech Module, and place them in the Countertop Caddy after each use. This also helps prevent filmy buildups.

Deep cleaning: Spray parts with an anti-bacterial spray. Let sit 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly, but do not rinse underside of Mechanical Module.

The Naväge Nose Cleaner is not dishwasher safe. Exposing the tanks to high heat can warp them and prevent their sealing to the mechanical module. Running the Nose Cleaner through a dishwasher voids the warranty.

If you want to deep clean your Naväge Nose Cleaner quickly and easily with special cleaning tools, check out the Naväge Custom Cleaning Kit.

Rinsing and Cleaning Instructions