Countertop Caddy

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  • Custom-made for super convenience.
  • The perfect solution for having your Naväge Nose Cleaner always on hand.
  • Allows the device to air dry between uses.
  • Made of the same attractive, high-quality material as the Nose Cleaner.
  • Looks great on any vanity!
  • Free fast shipping on orders over $49.99.

41 Reviews

  • 5
    navage nasal system

    Posted by James on Jun 12th 2020

    Just got my new NAVAGE NASAL SYSTEM yesterday first use and I love it! Already breathing clear and sinus condition absolutely GREAT! Thanks so very much to whomever designed the system...

  • 5
    Neat Storage, Properly Dries System

    Posted by Jenny on Jun 12th 2020

    I hated trying to balance my tanks and machine to get them to dry out properly. I was worried they would fall and get damaged. Plus, I didn't have a good place for my salt pods. This caddy is the answer, it is perfect! Looks great on my counter too!

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by MAB on Jun 12th 2020

    Just got my Navage on 12/6/2019. Easy directions and to use and clean. After I used it my nasal passages felt much cleaner and clear. It is much better than the netth pot.

  • 5

    Posted by Sandy on Jun 12th 2020

    I purchased the NAVAGE Nasal Care from Walgreens with a free countertop caddy, but you do not respond to my attempts to register the purchase or purchase additional salt capsules. My email is

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    My Voice is Back!

    Posted by E.R.Penn on Jun 12th 2020

    I typically never write reviews. I had to sit and write this one because of the miracle that has happened as a result of using the Navage system. I experienced tons of mucus and phlegm around my vocal chords which for a year has meant the loss of my voice. I went to an ear, nose and throat doctor and he had placed 4 needles in each of 4 polyps to tell me they were not malignant. They also checked my thyroid - no problem. For a year, my voice would crack, squeak and give out. I tried everything. Herbal teas, apple cider vinegar, ginger root, lemons and honey, a humidifier... everything. The collection of mucus around my vocal chords would cause my voice to squeak. In desperation I purchased the Navage system because a sinus-wash system seemed to give some relief. After pods, I was shocked to hear my voice in recovery with a reduction in the mucus and phlegm in my throat. I was even more shocked to see the particles released in the saline. Navage works!!!!!!

  • 5
    received quickly

    Posted by Mary on May 14th 2020

    great for letting my Navage air dry safely out of the way.

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    It functions as described, however:

    Posted by Auditorcentral on Apr 11th 2020

    Explanation of my star ratings:Comfort--I gave the caddy 2 stars because it functions as advertised, but it doesn't provide any comfort.Value for money--I gave the caddy 3 stars because it functions as advertised, but needs improvement.For traveling--I gave 1 star only because I couldn't give zero. This is a 2 piece item and I wouldn't waste suitcase space to pack it. (The caddy and the Navage system do not both fit in the Navage travel kit).REVIEW:"It keeps everything neat and organized – and allows the device to air dry between uses."Yes it keeps everything neat on your counter, however, the nose pillows are exposed to anything in the air (hairspray, dust, etc.) A storage case for the pillows (think contact lens case) would be really great (the "nose pillow case" could be stored on the side of the caddy or in the salt capsule tray)!! AND the nose pillow case could be used in the travel case to protect them.As far as air drying, yes air can circulate around the device when in this caddy, but the caddy doesn't provide anymore airflow than if the cleaned device was sitting on the counter w/out a caddy.I purchased the Navage system somewhere else and there was a card inside the box for a free caddy (just pay shipping which was less than the caddy).This item is/was not something I would purchase as an accessory.

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    Navage holder for countertop

    Posted by ladywmsbg on Feb 5th 2020

    It is great for vanity in Bathroom.

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    practical storage

    Posted by joan bishop on Jan 18th 2020

    Really like that it has a place for the pods. It also keeps it separate for drying which is nice.