How-To Videos

Naväge Nasal Irrigation Animated Illustration
Naväge 3D Animation
Naväge Live Demo
Naväge Live Demo
Doctor Levine on Saline Nasal Irrigation Video
Dr. Levine on Nasal Irrigation
Naväge Nose Cleaner Easy Assembly Video
Nose Cleaner Assembly Instructions
Power Button Problems Troubshooting Video
Troubleshooting: Power Button Problems
Naväge Suction Problems Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting: Suction Problems
Naväge Accessories
Naväge Accessories
Navage Rinsing and Cleaning Instructions
Rinsing and Cleaning Instructions
Navage 30 Second Commercial
Naväge Nasal Care Commercial
Dr Farmer ENT
Dr. Farmer ENT Testimonial
Guitar Man
Customer Review: Guitar Man
What the Gunk
Customer Review: What the Gunk?