Navage Starter Bundle: Nose Cleaner and 20 SaltPod Capsules

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You'll love that clean-nose feeling!

  • The Starter Bundle includes the Naväge Nose Cleaner, 20 SaltPods, one pair of Standard Nose Pillows, and two preinstalled AA batteries. $109.95 if purchased separately. You save $10, a 9% discount!
  • Your nose is the body's air filter, the first line of defense against airborne germs. Clean it daily with easy-to-use Naväge!
  • Naväge uses powered suction to flush out allergens, mucus, germs, viruses, and bacteria.
  • For fast, all-natural sinus relief - without drugs!
  • Clean nose, healthy life! Make good nasal hygiene your new normal.
  • Naväge relieves congestion so you can breathe better, sleep deeper, snore less, and stay healthier without drugs.
  • Naväge operates only with genuine Naväge SaltPods to create a perfectly-balanced nasal rinse.
  • Naväge Nasal Care is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) and Health Canada for use by children 12 and older.
  • You'll love that clean-nose feeling!®

688 Reviews

  • 5
    Navage Nasal Care Irrigation

    Posted by Andrea Seidler on Jan 6th 2023

    I just got this for Christmas. I am a big Nettie Pot user. This Navage just rocked my world, I have a bad cold and was very congested, a little wary about using it in my condition. IT WAS AWSOME! It was fast, not messy and I can totally breath through my nose. I am so Happy with this product.

  • 5
    Anyone who constantly suffers from congestion NEEDS this!

    Posted by Joshua on Feb 16th 2022

    I suffer constantly with nasal congestion year round from my nasal passages being dried out from various things & was extremely skeptical on buying this Navage system. So I read a lot of reviews before buying from other ppl who bought this & decided what do I gotta lose? It’s either be extremely congested & uncomfortable all the time or be comfortable without being congested. So I went out on a limb & bought it. & I’ll definitely have to say it’s been a god send! It definitely was very weird at first cause this thing grabs a hold of your nose very abruptly but the more you use it you get an idea of how it works & feels & the rest is history just make sure you close off your pallet or water will find it’s way down you’re throat! I used to use nasal sprays yes they help but only for a time. It got to the point where I was using & relying on nasal sprays constantly destroying my membranes. But this Navage system gets rid of all that to where I never need to use another nasal spray ever again! I use this Navage 2x a day. If you want a deeper refreshing rinse try their Eucalyptus Salt Pods. There amazing!

  • 5

    Posted by CJ on Jul 6th 2021

    I wish I had started this sooner, what a difference it make in my life!! My nose loves the Navage!

  • 5
    Best ever

    Posted by Debbie Marting on Jul 6th 2021

    Use nose spray for years can’t believe how well it works

  • 5

    Posted by Penny A Yoder on Jul 6th 2021

    A great sinus cleansing tool! It was as expected. It is made well and till last for a long time, I'm sure. Thank you!!!

  • 5
    It works

    Posted by Andre Willis on Jul 6th 2021

    Very resourceful I truly love it helps with my sinuses

  • 5
    great for allergies

    Posted by Mel on Jul 6th 2021

    a friend recommended this for allergies. it has helped so much do it twice a day more if needed. I have reduced the amount of meds i take.

  • 5
    Erased Afrin addiction

    Posted by Joseph Fedan on Jul 5th 2021

    Perfect to heal an Afrin addiction !! A must purchase!

  • 5
    it really works

    Posted by Barb on Jul 5th 2021

    I was very sceptical about this but willing to try. I'm happy I did because it was great. I would recommend this item to everyone.