Frequently Asked Questions

Short answer: Yes, Naväge will moisten and moisturize the inside of your nose which will reduce or eliminate the congestion you're suffering and resolve other symptoms as well.

Long answer: The nasal cavity is lined with "turbinates", three to four in the left nasal cavity and three to four in the right for a total of six or eight turbinates. These turbinates are intended to moisten and humidify the air just before you breathe it into your lungs. The turbinates are made of tissue that can expand and contract in response to environmental factors such as humidity, temperature, allergens, dust, and pollution.

When the air we breathe is excessively dry (this is often the case in winter; at high elevations; in the desert; and in airplanes, among other causes), the turbinates automatically expand so that there is more moist surface area available for humidification. But often, the turbinates cannot keep up with the need to moisturize the nose. This results in congestion; being "completely stuffed up". It can also result in thicker mucous, bleeding, and even pain.

Our body's response is for the turbinates to expand even more, and overwork to make more mucous. This results in even less room in the nose and makes it still harder to breathe.

It's a real dilemma! Because everyone's nasal anatomy is different, some people have a lot more trouble with this dilemma than others.

The drug-free solution is to supplement the moisture the turbinates produce by rinsing and flushing the nasal cavity with saline. This keeps them from overworking and allows them to contract by keeping them moist. The most effective way to do this is through nasal irrigation. Moisturizing and flushing your nasal cavity a couple times a day with saline rinse will help relieve dryness and congestion. As this occurs, stuffiness is reduced almost immediately, and secondary symptoms such as irritation and bleeding resolve over time.

The Naväge system provides a wonderfully simple and effective way of doing that, and Naväge has helped countless people dealing with dry nasal passages. With the ease of returning the product for refund if it doesn't work for out for you, and the extraordinary benefits that result from improved nose-breathing if it does, we urge you to give it a try.